Informational Materials



Module 2 introduces more complex Informational Materials in order to prepare the student for documents they will encounter in their everyday lives. These documents include warranties, applications, technical directions, etc. You will analyze and create informational documents to help you assess the structure and purpose of various workplace, consumer, and public documents.

Students will:

 Identify the purpose of various informational documents.

Analyze the structure and format of functional workplace documents.

Explain how authors use graphics, headers and other visual features to achieve their objectives.

Critique the logic of functional documents by examining the sequence of information.

Analyze written procedures and identify possible reader misunderstandings.

Demonstrate use of sophisticated learning tools by following technical directions (e.g., those found with graphic calculators and specialized software programs and in access guides to World Wide Web sites on the Internet).

Write a product review comparing 3 different brands of a technical item (e.g., a digital camera, a smart phone, a video game):

Prepare a bibliography of reference materials.