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Welcome to my Math Classes!!!

The last day to turn in any work for the 2nd nine weeks is Monday, Oct. 31st for Algebra 2rd and Tuesday, Nov.1 for Algebra 1 classes.

REMEMBER your URL for your material has changed.

Remember for all classes that you can get to all of your math materials, workbook, condensed lessons, etc... at  then click  on the appropriate book for your class.

Sights and info to the copy of your textbook and workbook and other information is as follows:  go to click to the next page and look to the right at the classpass login box at the top, put in the following classpass code depending on the period and subject you are in and go where needed.

ClassPass codes for all of my classes are as follows:

Algebra 1 - lamathalg1

Algebra 2 - lamathalg2

Pre Cal - lamathprecal





If you need graph paper check out

If you need help with the calculator go to 

If you  need help with math go to and look at all the resources, they have more than math.