About Me

Hi! My name is Mrs. Cannon and this year marks my 18th year as a teacher! I have previously taught 7th/8th grade history, 4th grade and 3rd grade.  I was also the Manager for Outreach Education for the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I currently teach 5th grade Title 1 Math at Hadley Middle School. I have been at Hadley for three years now. I am also the sponsor for the Scholastic Bowl team, a member of the School Improvement Team and a member of the school MTSS team.

While not at school, I am with my family. My husband and I have four children: our son age 15 and three daughter's ages 13, 11 and 9. Three of our four children play ice hockey and I manage two of the teams, so most days you can find me at an ice rink somewhere! Our other daughter does Chorus and Theater, so if I am not in an ice rink I am at a production of some sort! My kids keep me pretty busy and I love it! We spend a lot of time together cheering each other on and encouraging one another.
When I have free time, I love to watch movies with my kids. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and love to have Harry Potter movie marathons! I also love Star Wars and Doctor Who. Yep, I love Sci-Fi!! In our house we have a rule that you can't see a movie until you have read the book (if it's based on a book of course). So, I do a lot of reading as well.

I love teaching math and helping students connect math to how they will use it in real life. In my class you will be learning math but not just learning it, applying it. I can't wait to work with you and help you understand how fun and truly useful math is in our everyday lives!                   

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