St. Lawrence Kindergarten Class

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ICE CREAM SOCIAL - Monday August 19, 2013 5:00 to 6:00 PM


I am looking forward to meeting you on our first day of school August 21st, 8:00am – 12:30pm.

For the remainder of the school year, we will begin at 7:55am each day. Please remember to bring your school supplies; the list of what you need is available on our website:

Back to School Night for your parents to visit the classroom is September 3 at 6pm.


TV & Your Child: Did you know that 10 hours of screen time by a child a week – tv, video games, etc. – is the tipping point at which grades are affected? Or that for each hour of television viewing, children consume an additional 167 calories? We encourage you to spend a week monitoring screen time, and then see if you can turn it off for a week. Turning it off for a week gives kids the time to begin to discover things they can do without your help. Since they do need help finding alternative activities that will develop their bodies, brains, self-reliance and creativity


School Drop-off and Pick-up for Kindergarten:

If you are a parent of a Kindergarten student, you may park in any non-marked available space and walk your child to Morning Prayer. However, the Kindergarten teacher and staff will be there at drop-off to collect your child and escort them as parking will be scarce. I recommend you choose the latter option for drop-off where possible. Pick-up at the end of the day for Kindergarten follows the same procedures as grades 1-5. Please do not double park and block other cars.


Volunteer Requirements

For the protection of all students, parents and faculty/staff, the Diocese requires all volunteers, visitors (having lunch with your student), etc., will have to be fingerprinted, have a current TB test (under two years), and have taken the online course Recognize and Report Child Abuse‘. For more information on these requirements, go to the Volunteer Corner section of this Newsletter or contact the school office. /span>


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