I'm done! What can I do now? - March

When you finish your computer job, here are a few choice activities:


Reading Math

Write your own fractured fairy tale.

Find all the elements that make a good story.

Listen to a book at Tumblebooks

Help Marvin match the equivalent potions.

Form teams using equivalent fractions.

Build flags using equivalent fractions.

Explore equivalent fractions with fraction bars.

Send knights flying as your prepare for your Quick Quiz.

Feed Ping Pong Panda by solving multiplication problems.

Beware of the dreaded erasers in Sketcher's World.

Clean off your car as you multiply.

Multiply your way into the dressing room.

Take some underwater photographs of multiplying fish.






Test your percussion skills in a percussion showdown



Writing Keyboarding

Work with nouns, verbs and adjectives as you battle ninjas.

  1. Watch the brainpop video on contractions. You need to log in:
  2. username: dyrsd              password: brainpop


Match the contractions with the words that make them at contraction match.

These 3 games help you learn contractions: wordweb, jigword and speedword.

Practice typing at Keyboard Climber.

Dance as you learn to type.