Canterbury Tales practice

1.  “But best of all he sang an offertory/ For well he knew that when that song was sung/ He’d have to preach and tune his honey tongue….” (have you ever noticed how the people who sing the loudest in church are often the least religious???)

2.  “He was a master-hand at stealing grain.”

3.  “He was old and choleric and thin/ His beard was shaven closely to the skin.” 

4.  “This noble example to his sheep he gave/ First following the word before he taught it. He set a good example for his congregation.

5.  “By his bed/ He preferred having twenty books in red and black, of Aristotle’s philosophy/ To having fine clothes.”

6.  “In fifteen mortal battles he had been/ And jousted for our faith.” (in the Crusades).

7.  “He had sewed a holy relic on his cap.” (He was advertising to sell those “holy” relics)

8.  “Hunting a hare or riding at a fence/ Was all his fun, he spared for no expense.”

9.  “And she had little dogs she would be feeding/ With roasted flesh (meat), or milk, or fine white bread.  And bitterly she wept if one were dead…”

10.  “But first I beg of you, in courtesy/ Not to condemn me as unmannerly/ If I speak plainly and with no concealings.” (identify the speaker)

11.  He was “a sanguine (red-faced) man, high-colored and benign/ He loved a morning sop of cake in wine. “ (he’s drinking wine in the morning instead of coffee!!)

12.  “…she spoke daintily in French, extremely/ After the school of Stratford-at-Bowe/ French in the Paris style she did not know.”

13.  “She had a flowing mantle (cape) that concealed large hips, her heels spurred sharply under that…”

14.  “He would gladly learn, and gladly teach.”

15.  “he knew the taverns well in every town/ And every innkeeper and barmaid too..”

16.  “His head was like a nut, his face was brown./ He knew the whole of woodcraft up and down.”   He also took care of the weapons.

17.  He had a big wart of the end of his nose and he was not a handsome man!

18.  He was a lover, a soldier, full of fire.  He also had curly hair, almost like it had been permed!

19.  He tried to excuse himself by saying that he was only repeating what he had heard.

20.  He made up the rules of the story-telling game, saying he would go along to judge the winner.