Poems on AP test

The list, in alphabetical order, of poets appearing on the AP Literature Exam:

W. H. Auden (5), Elizabeth Bishop, William Blake (2), Eavan Boland, Anne Bradstreet, E.K. Braithwaite,Robert Bridges, Billy Collins, Emily Dickinson (2), John Donne, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Richard Eberhart, Robert Frost(2), Louise Gluck, Hilda Doolittle (H. D.), Thomas Hardy, Seamus Heaney, Homer, John Keats (2), Philip Larkin, D. H. Lawrence (2), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, Adrienne Rich, William Shakespeare, Anne Stevenson, May Swenson, John Updike, Robert Penn Warren, Richard Wilbur, William Carlos Williams, William Wordsworth (3) 

These are the poems:1972: W.H. Auden, 'The Unknown Citizen'

1974: Poet not named, 'I wonder whether one expects...'

1976: Philip Larkin, 'Poetry of Departures'1977: D.H. Lawrence, 'Piano' (two poems with the same title)

1978: W.H, Auden, 'Law Like Love'

1979: William Carlos Williams, 'Spring And All' and1979: Louise Gluck, 'For Jane Meyers'

1980: Elizabeth Bishop, 'One Art'

1981: Adrienne Rich, 'Storm Warnings'

1982: Richard Eberhart, 'The Groundhog'

1983: W.H. Auden, 'Clocks and Lovers'

1985: William Wordsworth, 'The Most of It', 'There Was a Boy'

1986: EK. Braithwaite, 'Ogun'1987: Sylvia Plath, 'Sow'

1988: John Keats, 'Bright Star' and1988: Robert Frost, 'Choose Something Like a Star'

1989: John Updike, 'The Great Scarf of Birds'

1990: Shakespeare, Soliloquy from Henry IV, Part 2

1991: Emily Dickinson, 'The Last Night that She lived...'

1992: William Wordsworth, 'The Prelude '

1993: May Swenson, 'The Centaur'

1994: Edgar Allan Poe, 'To Helen' and1994: Hilda Doolittle (H. D.), 'Helen'

1995: John Donne, 'The Broken Heart'

1996: Anne Bradstreet, 'The Author to Her Book'

1997: Richard Wilbur, 'The Death of a Toad'

1998: Eavan Boland, 'It's a Woman's World'

1999: Seamus Heaney, 'Blackberry-Picking'

2000: Homer, 'Odyssey'2000: Margaret Atwood, 'Siren Song'

2001: William Wordsworth, 'London, 1802' and2001: Paul Laurence Dunbar, 'Douglass'

2002: Thomas Hardy, 'The Convergence of the Twain'

2003: Robert Bridges, 'EROS' (title in Greek)2003: Anne Stevenson, 'Eros'

2004: Emily Dickinson, 'We grow accustomed to the night' and2004: Robert Frost, 'Acquainted with the Night'

2005: William Blake, 'The Chimney Sweeper (1789)' and2005: William Blake, 'The Chimney Sweeper (1794)'

2006: Robert Penn Warren, 'Evening Hawk'

2007:  Richard Wilbur, “A Barred Owl” and2007:  Billy Collins, “The History Teacher”

2008:  John Keats, “When I Have Fears” and2008:  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Written at Boppard on the Rhine August 25, 1842, Just Before Leaving for Home”

There was no poetry essay in 1973, 1975, or 1984.



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Go to this link and roam around this great web site until you find "poetry180", a site with a poem for each day of the school year.