AP novel assignment

Instructions for your independent novel assignment:

First, along with your name, period, and date, you should offer a complete MLA bibliography entry of your novel so that I am aware of the specific edition you used.

1.  Select three excerpts from your novel, ranging in length from 3/4 of a page to 1 1/2 pages.  Photocopy and attach the excerpts to a sheet of computer paper. Be sure page numbers are visible.  Annotate the passages, looking for figurative language, diction, syntax, imagery, symbolism, characterization, and any other elements you find appropriate.  You must have at least four elements annotated in each passage.  For each element, write 2-3 sentences discussing how the element is used and its importance to both the passage and the work as a whole. Your annotations should NOT be simply handwritten down the side of the page (for me to try to decipher), but typed neatly on a separate sheet in some manner that distinctly shows the correlation between the marked passage and your comments. The passages should come from distinctively different sections of the novel--one from the first fifty pages, one from the last fifty pages, and one from the middle section.

2.  Quote a minimum of ten sentences that precisely define characters, theme, internal, and external conflict, symbolism, style, or significant moments in the plot.  Explain their significance (individually).  Cite page numbers at the end of each quote.  Again, do this in an organized fashion.

3.  Choose (and copy) three former AP questions that you could answer by using this novel. Explain how you could use the work to answer the given question.