Tone words w/ definitions

aloof                not emotionally involved, distant

apathetic          uncaring

ambivalent       having mixed feelings

audacious        recklessly bold or contemptuous

belligerent       hostile, or combative

callous             uncaring, or feeling no emotion

condescending  acting with an air of superiority, talking down to

contemptuous  lacking respect, derisive

caustic             harshly sarcastic

cautionary       prudent forethought

cynical             distrustful

demoralized    discouraged

diffident          reserved, unassertive

disdainful        scorn, despise

didactic           intending to instruct

derisive            insulting and condescending

earnest             heartfelt and serious

effusive           overflowing and demonstrative

elegiac             sorrowful lamentation

empathetic       sensitivity, relating to another's emotions

erudite             scholarly

forthright         direct and outspoken

flippant            frivolously disrespectful

frivolous          carefree and unconcerned

incredulous      skeptical and unbelieving

incensed          full of rage

indignant         self-rightously angry

intimate           personal and emotional

jovial               hearty conviviality and good cheer

laudatory         praise

laissez-faire     laid back, unwilling to get involved

morose             ill-humored, very down, sad

malicious         vicious, wanton, or mischievous

mordant           caustic or sarcastic in a mean way

objective          unemotional, unbiased, fair

obsequious      overly obedient, dutiful

patronizing      Talking down to

pompous          stuck up, better than

poignant          keen or strong, touching one deeply

provocative     inciting, stimulating,thought-provoking

quizzical          questioning, ridiculing

ribald               abusive, or irreverent, scurrilous

reticent            reluctant or restrained, silent

reverent           deeply respectful

reflective         meditative or deliberative

resigned           passive, accept as inevitable

sardonic           scornful derision, mocking, cynical

seductive         enticing, beguiling, captivating

sentimental      emotional attachment

vehement         with great energy or exertion, with great emphasis and passion

volatile            tending or threatening to break out into open violence