verb tense definitions

Definitions and use of verb tenses 

There are three simple (basic) tenses:  Present, past, future. 

Present tense:  Describes something that happens now, though we typically don’t use it this way!  It describes something that happens habitually.   Ex:  I cook supper every night.  

Past tense:  happened in the past but it is totally completed.  

Future tense:  something that will happen in the future.  

There are three PERFECT TENSES:  present perfect, past perfect, future perfect. Perfect tenses:  (uses a past participle form of the verb—ed, en) 

 Present perfect:  I have studied for three weeks for this test. Definition:  Describes an event that started in the past and continues in the present.  

Past perfect:  I had studied for three weeks for this test, so I was unhappy that it was postponed. Definition:  Describes two events that happened in the past, and one happened before the other.  

Future perfect:  Describes two events that will happen in the future, and one will happen before the other. I will have studied three weeks by the time we have this test.  Pronouns:  1st singular=I                1st plural=we                   2nd singular=you          2nd plural=you                   3rd singular=he, she     3rd plural=they   

Write complete sentences to go with each one of the following:

1.      First person singular, present tense, to sing

2.      Third person plural, past perfect tense, to draw

3.      Second person singular, present perfect tense, to say

4.      Third person singular, future tense, to go

5.      First person plural, present tense, to think

6.      Second person plural, future perfect tense, to fall

7.      First person singular, past perfect tense, to call

8.      Third person plural, present perfect tense, to type

9.      Second person singular, present tense, to say

10.Third person singular, past tense, to watch