Important Information



Snack will be around 2:30 p.m. everyday. Students are to bring their own snack. Please be “snack healthy” and be mindful that snack time will be a total of 15 minutes. Please do not bring any snack with peanuts due to allergies.

We ask that you avoid bringing drinks that have a color for snack, due to equipment and floor staining. Water is the best choice. Birthday treats will be at this time also.

Daily Communication

The planner is our main source of daily communication. It is necessary for your child to bring it to and from school every day. They can be placed directly in the file portfolio behind the "Planner" section.

Any notes regarding your child’s day at school and any health or behavior issues that may need to be addressed, will be briefly noted in the planner. We will also be sending any important notes from the office, which have to go home that day, in the planner.

It is important that you initial the planner each night and communicate to us any pertinent information regarding your child such as changes in dismissal procedure for your child etc...

Weekly Communication

Mail and graded papers will go home each Monday. They will be placed in the "Mail" section of your file portfolio. You may also find important notes from school, and notes from his or her teachers. The "Mail" section of the file portfolio should be emptied before the following Monday.

For all the latest classroom information, please visit this website. Weekly updates from both teachers will be posted on this site.


Arrival / Absences

Our new school hours this year are: 8:10 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.

Please be on time. Doors open at 7:45 a.m. and students will be allowed to go to their classroom at that time. Instruction starts promptly at 8:10 a.m.

Attendance is critical for third grade success.  Please keep in mind it will be your child's responsibility to make up any missed class work and homework. Please remember if your child is absent we need a separate hand written note or doctors excuse to be turned in for the absence to be excused.  We will no longer accept notes in the planners.  The separate notes have to be turned into the office for an official record.

Emails stating the reason for your child's absence will also be accepted and then forwarded to the front office.


Dismissal is at 2:45 p.m. For the safety of all our children, we kindly ask that you do not walk up to the school to pick up your child during dismissal.

Car line is two lines. Please arrive in car line no later than 2:45 p.m.

Children will be walked to the aftercare room at 3:05 p.m.

Please know that it takes a while before the car line becomes efficient, so please be patient the first couple weeks of school.

Any changes to the way your child will be getting home at the end of the school day, should be noted in the planner. Otherwise, your child’s teacher will be following typical dismissal procedures originally stated by his or her parents at our Meet and Greet night.



Please be aware of the uniform code at our school. Children need to be in the appropriate school uniform every day.  The new uniform resource is: 

Mascot Universe

19259 N. Dale Mabry (corner of Lutz Lake Fern & Dale Mabry)


Each child should bring an umbrella or a rain poncho to put in their backpack due to our wonderful summer thunderstorms that seem to flair up at arrival and dismissal.

Names need to be on everything!!! This includes but is not limited to: lunch boxes, water bottles, and all clothing. Many things look alike and are likely to be returned if their names are on the items.

P.E. is outside, therefore it is necessary that each student bring a water bottle to school each day. Please put names on all water bottles.�Also, appropriate athletic shoes are essential for P.E. and are a part of our uniform requirement.

If your child is buying lunch from the cafeteria, you can set up a lunch account at

The Pasco County website can be accessed at It has the school calendar for this year and other pertinent information for you. 

Please notify us immediately of any allergies or medical restrictions/needs.

Email is the best form of communication with your child's teachers. The following email addresses are provided so that subject area questions can be directed to the correct teacher. (Math, Science, Social Studies) (Reading, Writing, Spelling)



The following days are early release days. Dismissal is at 1:00 pm.

September 12th

October 10th

December 12th

February 13th

March 13th

May 8th


Things To Consider Now That Your Child's Performance is Graded

The year is considered to be a transitional year because the children will be challenged with more rigorous demands at a higher level of responsibility in order to move forward in their educational experience.

Third grade requires a lot of effort from each child. Students will become independent learners. Students will be learning brand new material and they will need to be an active listener and participant. They will take notes, work in groups, and do independent tasks that require the application of the concepts taught. The students will also need to study for tests and quizzes and be responsible for using test taking strategies that are discussed in class.

3rd grade is a time when the children need to find their own way. Sometimes that means letting go a little bit. We are amazed at how adaptable and how independent they become and we are confident you will too. Remember this can be a learning process and sometimes those lessons can be hard. For example:  If they forget to bring their jacket or water bottle home, it’s ok.  If they did not take good notes or forget homework,  let them experience the consequences. They need to have failures to learn how to improve, so that they can have successes on their own.

How Can I Help My Struggling Child?

ATTENDANCE is so important.  Students should be here every day and all day!  Please try to schedule appointments during after school hours.

If your child misses a day of school, it is difficult to reteach an entire day’s lesson. Make-up work will still be required but they are missing out on the initial instruction. Third grade moves at a much faster pace therefore missing days could result in missing concepts altogether.

Homework will be assigned to help reinforce concepts learned in class. Please make sure your child completes the homework on time to the best of his or her ability.

There are links on our class website that are helpful tools for additional practice. Please check the “Links” section of the website. It will be you and your child’s responsibility to utilize these sites.

Please know that the teacher may assign additional work but for the most part will not be handing out additional handouts or worksheets.


Student Responsibility

Third grade poses many challenges for our students. One main challenge is student responsibility. This is the hardest area for our students to adjust to and can be the most frustrating for parents. We realize, while this can be a learning process for many of our students, we still have to hold our students accountable with higher expectations.

In 3rd grade, it is a students responsibility to come to the teacher and ask for extra help. We are eagerly available to help any student who feels they do not understand a concept.

Students have to turn in their own homework and any notes or papers from home. 

Please confirm via email to your homeroom teacher that you and your child have read and or reviewed our classroom website. Please make sure you list your child's name on the email as well.   In the subject area of your email include the secret code word.  For Miller's homeroom is "Treasure" and the code word for Daily's homeroom is "Woodstock".  Upon the receipt of the email with the code word, your child will receive a bonus point for accountability.