*T-Shirt Book Report Project Due May 17th - Project was explained and example was shown on 4/29.  Students must turn in the planning pages packet for a grade.  The planning pages also serves as a rough draft for them.  All items on the T-shirt and planning pages should be in complete sentences (capital, punctuation, and spelling count). For the Summary/opinion students should have at least 4 sentences; 1 each telling the beginning, middle, and end of their book and a sentence for their opinion.  This project will have 2 grades; one for the planning packet and one for the prject itself.  Please see rubric in the planning packet to assist you.


* Last set of Spelling words went home Monday, May 6th and are due May 17th. 


April 29nd 

This week's comprehension focus: 

Inferencing about a character by what they say and do

This Weeks Genre:

Readers Theater 

This week's phonics skill:

Suffix - er and le 

This weeks phonics words are:

apple, later, river, November, little, giggle, October, uncle, ladder, winter, summer, center

purple, double

This week's vocabulary words are: 


earn, excitement, score, league, contribute, athlete, partners, tense, pleasure, succeed


Students will be taught new words each week that correspond to our weekly read aloud. They will complete activities in class each week using the words of the week.  They will also be assessed on their meaning on Fridays. 

This week's Vocabulary skill: 

suffix ment 

This week we also working on: 

Prefix un and dis 

This Week's Grammar Skill:

 prepositions & prepositional phrases


Shared Reading:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  


Reading homework - Students should read for 30 minutes a night from their IDR book and complete a Reading Reflection using the paper that is in their Reading Folder.  Reflection papers are due every FRIDAY.  Your child should be bringing their leveled IDR (independent reading) book back and forth each day.  They read for 30 minutes in class and 30 minutes at home to build stamina and work towards our 3rd Grade goal of completing a White level chapter book a week. 


Unwrapping a passage Strategies: (Used for all Unit tests)

Underline the title - make a prediction 

Number the paragraphs - 1, 2, 3...

Walk through questions - look at text features

Read the passage - take notes next to each paragraph 

Answer questions - read each 2 times, read all choices, uses X's at the end to eliminate 

Prove your answers - underline evidence that supports your answers. 


Spelling homework -  New lists are coming home 9/10/18.  Words are used for 2 weeks.  Students are to complete 24 points worth of activities from the "Menu" in the front of their Spelling Notebook by the end of the 2 weeks.  This can be done at home, in class during stations time (once we begin them), and during morning work time. That means their Spelling Notebook should be going back and forth, since we also use it in class with vocabulary. I will test the students on 10 of their words on the 2nd Friday.  Please see the schedule below for test dates.  

April - May Spelling Schedule:

April 8th New words given 

April 23rd (due to field trip Thurs., no school on Fri., and I'm out Mon.) Spelling tests and HW due

April 22nd- New words given

May 3rd- Spelling tests and HW due

May 6th- New words given 

May 17th-Spelling tests and HW due (LAST ONE!) 

What does our Reading Block look like?:

15 Min. Phonics and Vocabulary Lesson

25 min. Comprehension Lessons from Journeys

20 min. Conferencing with individual students. Rest of class is independently reading in their "Just Right" books working on the skill we have just learned.

15 min. Shared reading (Novel or theme book) Review Reading HW from the night before also if applicable.

15 min. Stations: read to self, word work, computers, writing, read with a partner

During this time Mrs. Miller is meeting with small groups.


Friday is our Literature Circle days so we will not have stations then. Book titles coming soon.


Advanced Reading Challenge (ARC)

This challenge is for all students who love to read and want to be challenged. Students will read a high quality chapter book and complete a project on the book. They will share their project with the class and chart their books in a binder. For every 5 projects completed successfully they will earn a prize. Information packets were e-mailed home on Monday, Sept. 17th.  Your child may also use their ARC book as their IDR book and at home rading book.  Projects must be completed at home.  Student's can present their projects on Friday's.  If possible please have your child let me know prior to Friday so I can reserve time. 


5 books/projects - Treasure Box

10 books/projects - Frosty from Wendy's 

15 books/projects - Free Scholastic Book

20 books/projects - Movie/pizza party

25 books/projects - $50.00 Barnes & Nobles gift card!


Shared Reading Novels for the year

The Magical Ms. Plum, BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ,and Holes (a project will be assigned at the end of each novel) We also watch the movie upon completion of all books except for The Magical Ms. Plum.  We will also be listening to Wonder throughout the school year and discussing its important character lessons. 



Your child's grade will be through their notebook responses, teacher conferencing on their books, IRLA, short quizzes on skills, projects and unit tests.