Welcome to third grade science.  We will be alternating between science and social studies throughout the year.  Below, please find a list of the units and dates that we will cover them.  Any changes will be noted on this page of the website.  There will be unit tests at the end of each unit.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

It is essential for each student to review any workbook pages that go home and  their science vocabulary notebooks.

Homework: Generally there will be no nightly homework assigned.  There may be an occasional project that will need completed and I will let each student know well in advance of such project(s).  Students are to use homework pages, and review notes from those pages for test review as well as science fusion on

Grading:  Grades will be entered in our online grading system but please be patient.  Sometimes it takes a couple days for grades to be entered.  Please look for any graded papers to come home on Monday as well. Effort, neatness, and organization is taken into account along with the following category grade percentages which will be figured in our grading system. 


vocabulary journal/ note taking                             25%

Workbook completion / experiments                   30%

Tests                                                                            45%


Below is a list of the units we will cover but please know dates may change.

Science 2019-2020        
unit dates topics # of days notes
1/2 Aug. 19-Aug.30

Investigating questions

How are technology and society related?

10 days scientific method, inferring
3 Sept. 23-Oct.4 Earth and Stars 10 days types of stars
4 Oct. 21-Nov.1 Matter 10 days  
5 Dec.3-Dec.5 Forms of energy 5 days  
6 Jan. 13-Jan.24 Heat Sources No school 20th  9 days  
7 Feb. 18-Feb.28 

Plant and environments

no school Feb. 17th

 9 days  
8 Apr. 6- Apr. 17

Classifying plants and animals

no school Apr.10th

 9 days  
9 April 20-May 1 Living things change 10 days  


From time to time I may ask for help from my families in providing basic materials for experiments such as empty tissue boxes, empty paper towel holders, paper plates, shoe boxes etc...  I will let each student know in advance when items are needed and I appreciate your help.


Mrs. Daily