Social Studies


Welcome to third grade social studies!!    Please note that we will be alternating social studies and science this year.  We will be having a unit test at the end of each unit. Some units however may overlap.

Homework: Generally no homework will be assigned.  There may be an occasional project and the students will know well in advance of such project(s).

 There are occasional "study guides" that will be sent home but not all units have study guides. Please save all class worksheets to use as study guides as well.  Students may take notes from time to time and those notes can be used to help study for tests.

Grading:  All grades will be entered in our online grading system but please be patient because is can take a couple of days to enter grades.

unit projects                                                                                  25%

worksheet /question sheets                                                       30%

tests                                                                                                45%


Below is a list of the units we will cover and dates are subject to change.

Social Studies 2019-2020        
unit dates topics # of days notes

Sept. 3-Sept.20


government / constitution 14 days  
2 Oct. 7-Oct.18

geography and map skills

no school Oct. 14

14 days  
3 Nov. 4-Dec. 20

Neighboring countries

no school Nov. 26-Nov. 30

 30 days covers Canada, Mexico, Caribbean
4 Jan 27--Feb.7 Southeast region/ southwest region 10 days 2 regions
5 Feb. 10-Feb. 21

West region

no school Feb.17

 9 days  
6 Mar. 2-Mar.27

midwest and northeast region

**spring break 3/16-3/23

 14 days  2 regions
7 Apr.27-May 1 state project  5 days  
8 May 4-May 15 Economics 10 days  


Mrs. Daily