About Me

Though I am originally from Danvers, MA (about 20 minutes north of Revere), my roots are in Revere. My mother grew up here and my grandmother lives less than a mile from SBA! I went to public school until college, when I relocated to New York City to attend NYU. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Music in Music Education with a concentration in Voice and a minor in Spanish. While studying at NYU, I was given many opportunities to travel. I did research in Mexico and Ghana and lived in Spain for a semester! After finishing at NYU, I decided to pursue my Master of Education degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. My concentration was in Teaching and Learning and my interests started in Music and Language/Literacy and ended up in Music and Identity. 

My path as a musician started early in my life. I went through a program called Kindermusik when I was four that prepared me to start piano when I was six. In the fourth grade, I became a proud member of my school band as a clarinet player. I started singing seriously when I was fourteen and trained in classical and opera for my first three years. Once I got to high school, I traded in my clarinet for a French horn. Though I love all my instruments, voice and piano have become the most important to me.

The first teaching job I had was right after high school. I taught 4-12 year olds during the summer stages program at the North Shore Music Theater (which sadly closed). In 2006, I joined the faculty of The Performing Arts Connection in Sudbury, MA as a voice teacher and music director. I still work there now and have had the opportunity to teach kids as young as three and as old as high school aged. In New York, I spent over 100 hours observing and practicing in classrooms all over the city-- from the fanciest and most expensive private schools in Manhattan to schools with no resources in poorer neighborhoods of Queens. I had the amazing opportunity to teach Women's Choir, Music Theory, and Piano at the Celia Cruz Bronx High School of Music for half a year, where I met amazing young musicians who still inspire me. Later, I spent time at P.S. 333 (The Museum School) in the South Bronx. There I was exposed to special education and bilingual curriculum that sparked my interest in music as a tool for learning languages.

When I was sixteen years old, I realized that I wanted to be a music teacher. I am so grateful that I get to live out my dreams everyday with the SBA community!