Daily Routines

Kid Calendar  

 In the early grades there are many opportunities to integrate math into the day.  From the moment students come in, there are many opportunities to integrate math.  It's up to the teacher to create the math moments through the questions asked.

Here are some examples.   


  • How many children are in our class?
  • How many children  are here today?
  • How many children  are absent?
  • Are there more boys or girls here today? How do you know?

Including these kinds of questions daily help your students develop many mathematical concepts. 

Lunch Count

  • How many students are buying _____________
  • How many more...
  • How many less...
  • What do you notice?

Many teachers prepare a chart or graph to take lunch count.  In this way students can choose on their own and after teacher can sask questions about the graph. 

 Calendar Math                    

Using the calendar during circle time or morning meeting can be a valulabe tool to help your students develop the numerical and non numerical mathematical concepts

http://www.mrsnelsonsclass.com/teacherresources/teachingmath/dailycalendar.aspx   K-2 ideas for using calendar

 K-8 ideas for using the calendar.