Element Five

Element Five:

Teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments through the use of classroom management skills.

I believe...

I believe that all students have the right to feel safe, secure and included within the classroom and it is in such an environment that they will have the best opportunity to engage in meaningful learning. I believe that classroom and behaviour management are inherently linked and that they must be fair, translucent and just to students and open to change. I also believe that students should have ownership of their classroom and this should include respect, responsibility and enjoyment of the things and people within it.

I have...

In my initial interactions with students I have made a point of knowing all of their names by recess on the observation day. Not only ford this acknowledge them as being an important part of the class, but it is one of the most effective tools for classroom management I have encountered thus far. Similarly, I have always set clear boundaries that are fair and relevant so that students feel comfortable in what is expected of them, where lines are drawn and the reasons justifying those boundaries. In order to develop meaningful relationships with students I have made a point of engaging them in conversation as I have marked work, moved between tables and during eating time on breaks.

In establishing a positive classroom learning environment I have ensured that all students responses are accepted and valued by incorporating their ideas into lesson planning and displaying their work as a shoe of positive achievement. Not only does this recognise their effort, but it also adds to their ownership of the classroom space. Similarly, in creating an open and honest rapport with students I have encouraged them to always ask questions and if I have not know the answer we seek more information together or I encourage them to do some independent research and to come back and share it with the class. I have found that behaviour management is closely linked to classroom management and that a well managed, directed, organised and engaging lesson often eliminated many behaviour issues. To achieve this I have established successful ‘go to it’ and ‘pack up’ routines which allow for smooth and clear transitions.

In terms if actual classroom management strategies, I have developed my own philosophy towards behaviour management through significant study, research and observation, but all practice thus far has been in accordance with cooperating teachers’ systems. However, I have expressed my own beliefs through these systems and avoided using negative strategies by the use of open dialogue, self-monitoring and catering lessons to students’ interests and needs.

Finally, I have understood and applied the importance of safety in schools by reading policy documents, designing classroom activities with safety in mind and creating a risk assessment form for a school excursion. I have also achieved my Senior First Aid Certificate and undertaken an EpiPen training course at North Sydney Demonstration School.

I need...

I need to develop long term goals within a classroom that encourages students to take more risks in their learning and develop a close, reflective and responsive learning environment. I also need to observe further methods of classroom set up and management as well as stay up to date with current research and development. I need to research and put into practice programs that encourage student autonomy, enjoyment and responsibility of learning which enables them to set their own goals and successfully achieve them.

I will...

In order to achieve the above, I will research individual learning projects for stage three students and develop with them the skills needed for successful independent learning. I will review my own classroom and behaviour management philosophies. I will also attempt to use my own strategies of management and discipline in full and autonomously from those utilised by the classroom teacher.