PBL Webquest

WEBQUEST for Instructional Staff~ By Mr. Christopher Psculkowski


Project Based Learning Website Review


The following questions are designed to test your understanding and comprehension of Project Based Learning.  This review is designed to simulate an example of how PBL may be used in your classroom.  Take this opportunity to navigate through the website listed above to answer the following questions.


Project Based Learning Overview

1.  In your own words describe Project Based Learning.

2.  How will you adopt PBL in your classroom?

3. List some pro’s and con’s associated with PBL.


Guided Principles for PBL

1. How often should PBL be used in a term?

2. At what point during instructional planning should I secure “collegial input?”

3. Should Learning Facilitators conduct a practice test prior to formal assessment?


Cooperative Learning Meets PBL

1. Describe how you would assess an individual through a cooperative learning activity.

2. Why should groups be composed of students with mixed ability levels?

3. Please describe the difference between receiving knowledge and generating knowledge.

4. Is cooperative learning always incorporated into Project Based Learning? Why or why not?

5. What has research shown regarding implementing cooperative learning techniques?


Characteristics of an Effective Team

1. If disagreements among group members arise, why should this be a positive approach to the students’ learning?

2. Why is it important for each group member to have a specific role within their group?


Characteristics of an I-LEAD Graduate

1.  After reading through the characteristics of an I-LEAD graduate, lists some ways that the students will achieve these goals.

2.  What are some ways we as Learning Facilitators can help our students achieve the desired characteristics of an I-LEAD graduate?

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