Quensetta Adams Curriculum Vitae


Master of Information Management

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 1985

Bachelor of Science, Marketing

Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana 1975


First Fund FastTrac® Business Development Methodology, 2006

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Cummins, Inc., 2003

Digital Imaging Certificate Program, IUPUI-Indianapolis, 1998

Lawrence Township Indiana Substitute Teacher License, 2011

Recent Education and Certificates

  • Lynda Weinman Online – Windows 7, Windows Live, Social Media; 2011
  • Cengage Learning Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) - Super Admin training; 2010
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Centers - Various Train-the-trainer Microsoft Office 2007/2010 to Level III; SharePoint.  Carmel, Indiana. 2008 to 2010
  • First Fund FastTrac® Business Development Methodology

Certified. Ewing Kauffman Foundation; Kansas City, Missouri, 2007

Entrepreneurial Business Ownership

Hunts for Fun: corporate team building ... with a strategic twist; huntsforfun.com

Student Demographic Experience

Employ project and curriculum development methodologies to design new courses, assignment, their rubrics, and exams. Deliver on-site instructor led, self-study, mentored learning, virtual learning, and distance learning training; synchronous and asynchronous.

College – Specialized computer training to transition adults at various learning stages to achieve selective, vocational, and higher education goals.

Adult Workforce – Customized training to prepare a diverse group of at-risk, under-employed, unemployed, or displaced adults for job readiness by improving their basic office computer readiness skills and to usher them into a digital generation.

Small Business Center – Non-traditional training and counseling services to a diverse set of clients in low income households to start up and operate a caregiver business. Adults are taught to grow from being a caregiver and to transition to being a business owner. Students addressed life barriers, networked, and pursued start-up financing.

Business Corporate – Differentiated multi-level user training to employees, business operations, and senior management to enhance organizational productivity, improve work-life, and increase personal development.

Secondary Education – Predefined course of study and lesson plans for teenage students set by their teachers. Later see these same student types in various life situations, stages of maturity, and learning curves in the segments discussed above.

Higher Education Experience

Ivy Tech College Indianapolis, Indiana                                               2006 to Current

Adjunct faculty — Allison via Workforce & Economic Development (WED) division. Professor of beginner, intermediate, and advance training in Microsoft Office 2010 suite OneNote, Movie Maker, Outlook and Office 365 (beta), Windows 7, Windows Live Essentials, web app, Internet applications, digital media, social media, and topics in computer readiness. Operating systems: XP to Windows 7.

  • Created a customized 12 month curriculum to fit the unique needs of Allison UAW employees, retirees, and spouses for career and personal productivity computing.
  • Generate Curriculum of Record and lesson plans for Microsoft Office 2010 version which is not currently taught in the WED division. Follow other course syllabuses.
  • Program manage curriculum development. Work with client to on marketing plan for recruiting and retention.

Adjunct faculty — Professor at WED division to internal Ivy Tech employees to pass Microsoft certification and to work force development clients.

  • Instruct clients, in conjunction with the governor of Indiana and the General Assembly program, as a primary instrument for workforce development in the state.
  • Wrote 24 official Curriculum of Record (COR) and lesson plan documents on Office 2010 suite, Internet, digital imaging, Windows Live, and Photoshop. Included suggested assignments and their rubrics.
  • Use blackboard, informational, SAM and GO series blended learning portals.

MedTech College Indianapolis, Indiana                                                  2008 to 2010

Adjunct Professor — Professor of a 4 hour IT110 Computer Basics Skills in Allied Health and Nursing divisions. Initially use Microsoft Office 2003. Instrumental in migrating to online system hosted by Cengage Learning Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) and Office 2007; Word, PowerPoint, and Excel running on Windows XP; day and evening classes.

  • Appointed IT Curriculum Sub-Committee Chairperson - MedTech College Corporate Curriculum Committee. Responsibility included IT110 Computer Basics Skills, IT120 Medical Word Processing, and PR 201 Portfolio. Approve syllabuses.
  • Developed the IT110 Computer Basics Test-Out process and the SAM online test-out exam which included Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Test-out requirements were set in conjunction with the Admissions and the Student Services departments.
  • Served as the SAM Administrator. Re-rolled out the system corporately to new hirer IT instructors. Created a Curriculum Newsletter and coordinated system issues with the IT system administrator. Assisted the migration from Office 2003 to 2007.
  • Participated in accreditation process by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.
  • Manned regular IT110 tutoring hours for students at the Indianapolis campus.
  • Presented training on CampusVue portal and CampusNet during New Instructor Orientation. Fielded technical questions by co-workers on the use of portal.
  • Sustained high student retention rates by obeying accreditation policies, setting student expectations, and defining weekly lesson plans and assignment rubrics.
  • Accountable for student counseling reports on performance, attendance, entering grades, policy keeping, and remediation of class room disruptions.

Workforce Training Experience

Training, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana                                                        2008 to 2009

Contract Instructor — Instructor Microsoft Office 2000, the business simulation lab, and job readiness and career tracking modules. Lessons included office automation and Internet readiness for displaced and at-risk adults. Instruction also included professional imaging and portfolio development to prepare students for internship.

Entrepreneurial Training Experience – Women’s Fund Grant

BOI (formerly NSI), Indianapolis, Indiana             Grant Year: Sept 2006 - 2007

Director, Client Services — Program director and certified FastTrac® trainer of the First Fund methodology including business concept, business viability, business concept development, writing a business plan, and successful business launch to low income or displaced clients. Program funded by the Central Indiana Community Foundation Women’s Fund and the SBA. Accountable for program planning, development, scheduling, budgeting, client recruiting, and retention. Taught touch typing skills to assist students to prepare business plan documents.

  • Implemented a 6 week four-phased recurring program including Explore Ownership, Caregiver Training, Business Beginnings, and Business Operations.
  • Trained 267 potential start-up entrepreneurs during the first year resulting in 12 business start-ups, 10 expansions, and 52 potential business explorations which was 20% higher than grant requirements.
  • Coordinated instruction to include student counseling opportunities for personal assessment, risk analysis, start-up feasibility, marketing, and to create business plans.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and trained business counselors. Coordinated contract staff and program volunteers needed to support the FastTrac® deliverables. Developed program community and government partnerships.

Secondary Education Experience

Lawrence Township School District – Lawrence, Indiana         2006 - Current

Licensed Substitute Teacher — Roles as both a permanent and day substitute teacher to execute lesson plans, facilitate class work and homework, maintain classroom control, and promote uninterrupted student learning during a teacher’s absence.

  • Core classroom assignments were for special needs, high risk self contained classes, period reassignment, academic reassignment rooms, and computer room students.
  • Substitute for administrative personnel whose jobs involved the use of a computer.

Summary Corporate Training Experience

  • New Horizons Computer Learning, Online LIVE® platform virtual classroom.
  • Cummins, Inc. Developed and disseminated corporate level IT online planning governance, training, policies, and support materials using the Intranet portal.
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Ensured applications integrated into a CERNER based clinical trials application architecture. Provided user training
  • Thomas & Betts, Inc. Corporate wide technology training for order entry system deployed on the company’s Intranet and Extranet.
  • Thomas & Betts, Inc. Created and implemented a distance training Intranet portal called The School of IT via a branded Netscape browser; accessible in the United States, Canada and outside by employees and some third party vendors. 

Key Leadership Qualifications

Corp. Board of Director Responsibility              Client In-take Management

Stakeholder and Customer Buy-in                      Requirements Management

Program Planning and Scheduling                      Staffing / Structuring / Productivity

Budgeting: Zero based or Line Item                  Team Leadership Development

501-3C Board Director Accountability               Program Monitoring and Reporting

Seminar / Curriculum Development                  Process and Workflow Re-engineering

Distance Learning Software Admin                    Workforce and Entrepreneurial Training

Office Skills Development Training                   Client-based Program Start –ups

Technical Software Roll-outs                             HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley Acts

Computer Skills Summary

Technical Expertise

  • SharePoint 2007, Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista and Windows® 7, Microsoft Office Product Suite 2000 to 2010; Microsoft OneNote, Outlook Express, Media Player, Office 365 (beta)-cloud-based computing, Gradekeeper
  • Microsoft Live@edu, Cengage Learning System – Skill Assessment Manager
  • Windows Live Essentials 2011: Instant Messaging, Skype Video Chat, Skydrive, Photoshop Elements, Adobe® Essentials, Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery; Smartphone Apps
  • CampusVue Portal, CampusNet, Blackboard, Discussion Board
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging systems, Voki, YouTube video plug-in
  • New Horizon Online LIVE® platform
  • Project Management: Applied PMI, FastTrac®, ADDIE, and MSF methodologies



Technology Specialties

  • Digital Web – iTunes, e-Fax, Smartphone iPhone MAC, HTC-Androids, Sky-drives: Hotmail, online media players, Web apps
  • FrontPage, SiteBuilder, DreamWeaver
  • Contact Management: Constant Contact, Delivra, MemberClicks, RegOnline, GoToMeeting
  • Reporting and Database: Crystal, Cognos, ACCESS, Oracle
  • Requirements Management: Starbase: CaliberRM, Oracle, Expert Advisor, MiniTab (Six Sigma)
  • CBTPlanet-Online formerly CBT-Online; CBTPlanet Authoring tool.
  • Database management systems: FOCUS and RAMIS
  • Knowledge-based expert systems: SmallTalk Natural Language, Case Based Reasoning






















Related Business Experience

  • Lead instructor before Learning Center shut – down. Led State of Art re-opening.
  • Learning Center Program Manager role. Select and purchase training materials. Maintain training center HP computers, scanners, and other misc hardware and software.
  • Responsible for student attendance documentation and administer Ivy Tech Continuing Education Units certificates. Administer the three level training initiatives and make recommendations for Allison Certificates of Completion awards.
  • Direct internal marketing and recruitment of students using student created flyers and brochures. Responsible for student retention and recruiting per our marketing plan.
  • Faculty support for the MedTech Student Governance Committee whose purpose was to develop and maintain clubs, organizations, and special events for students.
  • Accountable to non-profit BOI Board of Directors. Accountable for funding budgets.
  • Embedded into customized training, links to Indiana legal regulation and requirements for care givers and networked students with the appropriate government offices.
  • Hosted Saturday morning classes strictly to handle computing skills related to creating marketing, business plan, and operational documents.
  • Created and implemented an aggressive program marketing campaign in partnership with Child Care Answers and the Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care, Inc.
  • As a Director, formalized the Cummins IT 2004 budget and planning cycle resulting in a 35% efficiency increase. Accountable to Leadership Counsel Executive Directors.
  • Developed a Communication Plan to improved corporate work flow communication.
  • Member: Information Systems Leadership Counsel. Utilized re-engineering and Six Sigma methodologies to re-design the corporate-wide IT Budget Planning process which started in June annually. Participated in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance review.
  • Earned Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Led and delivered two Projects: IT Planning Process and Email Virus Security as project manager.
  • Strategized with the St Jude Central Protocol Data Management Director and a task team to determine feasibility and prioritize critical software application projects.
  • As resource manager, hired research analyst teams and database administrators to develop prioritize protocol and non-protocol medical applications based on CERNER.
  • Managed HIPAA compliance to secure information and to protect patients’ privacy.
  • Applied essential planning methods, managed zero-based operating and capital budgets up to $7 million. Managed vendor negotiations to achieve 30% contract cost savings. 
  • Managed department’s software server resources, re-staffing, hiring, and performance reviews for 29 staff members and up to 60 contractors including project managers, business analysts, data modelers, system analysts, software developers, and trainers.
  • Formed and led management-level process improvement team at St Jude.
  • Manage testing, training, and deployment phases for T & B order entry system.
  • Created, implemented, and managed a distance training portal called The School of IT delivered on the corporate Intranet. Voted “Best In Class”, PC Magazine.
  • Technical specialist within the Artificial Intelligence team and medical systems at Lilly.


Employment History

Ivy Tech College, Indianapolis, IN                                                                    2006 to Current

Lawrence Township School District, Lawrence, IN                                             2005 to Current

MedTech College Indianapolis, IN                                                                     2008 – 2010

Training, Inc., Indianapolis, IN                                                                          2008 – 2009

BOI (formerly NSI), Indianapolis, IN                                                   Grant Year 2006 – 2007

Cummins, Inc., Columbus, IN                                                                             2003 – 2005

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN                                            2001 – 2002

Thomas & Betts, Inc., Memphis, TN                                                                   1998 – 2000

IBM, formerly Software Artistry Indianapolis, IN                                                  1995 – 1996

Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN                                                               1990 – 1995