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enlightened    Students who could not attend the online classes can download and use the study material shared below: 

Date Learning resource
06 Jul 20 Read the Coursebook Chapter-2 & Revise Grammar Lesson-7 Adjectives
01 Jul 20 Homework-Chapter-2 (CB)-Unusual Sports- Part-1
29 Jun 20

Video Lesson- Chapter-2 (CB) Unusual Sports

Homework-Chapter-1(CB)- Chuskit Goes To School -Part-2

22 Jun 20 Homework-Chapter-1(CB)- Chuskit Goes To School Part-I
17 Jun 20



15 Jun 20

PowerPoint Lesson Notes: Chap7-Adjectives-Part2



13 Jun 20


Solutions to Test-1

10 Jun 20



08 Jun 20

Homework -Chapter-4 Part-2

Solutions-Chapter4 Part-2

07 Jun 20

Homework -Chapter-4 Part-1

Solutions-Chapter4 Part-1

15 May 20

Homework-Chapter3: Exercise

Chapter3-Solutions to Exercise

13 May 20

Homework-Chapter2: Exercise Part-2

Chapter2-Solutions to Exercise-Part-2

11 May 20

Video lesson-Chapter 3 Noun: Gender

11 May 20

Homework-Chapter2: Exercise Part-1

Chapter2-Solutions to Exercise-Part1

08 May 20 Video lesson- Chapter 2 Nouns: Singular and Plural
08 May 20

Solution to Chap 1-Noun Complete Exercise

06 May 20

             Solution to Chap 1-Noun Page 14-15 (Q No.  A-E)

04 May 20

Chapter1 Noun & its Types


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Link for English Grammar Book 5   

Link for English Alive Coursebook 5


Make use of study material and worksheets shared through links given below:

Paragraph writing

 Lesson- Paragraph Writing

 Worksheet - Paragraph Writing

 A/V Lesson 1

 A/V Lesson 1

Noun & its types

 Lesson- Noun & its types

 Worksheet1- Noun & its types

 Worksheet1- Noun & its types

Noun Gender




 Lesson Adjective


Unseen Paragraph

 Unseen paragraph