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Ways for students to make the most of the Coronavirus lockdown!


With high number of Covid-19 cases in India, the government has called for a total coronavirus lockdown all over the country. As it is important to slow down public movement and break the chain of the Coronavirus spread, social distancing is a must. It becomes crucial for us to stay home for this time period and stop the coronavirus from spreading further.

However, just because you are sitting at home, it doesn’t mean you cannot get any work done or learn anything new.


Here are some ideas you can explore to remain productive during the Coronavirus lockdown:


1. Do yoga and detox

Practice meditation and pranayama to destress your life and relax your soul.

2. Start painting!

Each day, you can give painting one hour of your time and simply experiment with whatever idea you get for the day.

3. Create a collage

You can create a collage by taking cut-outs from your favorite magazines and newspapers as well if you cannot get printouts of your photographs.


4. Watch the top movies and educational TV series

There is a long list of TV series that will educate you on various topics. The National Geographic documentaries are a way fun way to learn.

Here are some good TV series which students can watch:

  • Myth Busters
  • How it’s made
  • Man vs. Wild
  • Modern Marvels
  • Nat Geo Shows
  • Destination Truth


5. Lose yourself in good books

These are certain books that people of all ages can enjoy here are a few engaging books you should be able to find online for free to make this Coronavirus lockdown time a fun experience for you lazing around with an engrossing book.


6. Learn a language

Learning a language is a fun experience but it does need dedication. A language learned will give you an edge over others.


7. Play old-school games

Many houses will have a chessboard or a ludo board or both! Sharpen your mental skills with chess and beat your siblings while you play and for some family fun, indulge in some ludo, and snakes and ladders!