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            Hello and welcome to the 2015-16 school year. This year your child will be participating in an exciting new learning atmosphere called cooperative learning. I want to give you some basic information regarding cooperative learning.  Cooperative learning involves four basic principles. First, positive interdependence (students feel like they are on the same side and need each other). Second, individual accountability (accountable for their own performance).  Third, equal participation (structured so children feel equally challenged). Fourth, simultaneous interaction (true model of working together).  In this environment, your child will learn how to work in teams and build self-confidence, all of which are valuable skills used in the learning process. 

            Using cooperative learning will enrich our classroom environment.  This classroom environment will aide in developing social skills that will prepare your child for the real world. In this cooperative learning environment, your child will be placed in a group of 4-5 students for six weeks.  This allows your child the opportunity to be a “captain” developing leadership skills.  Each team will participate in class and team building activities, which provide opportunities to learn from each other.

            While your children are participating in these activities I will be in each class to see that each child’s needs are met.  I plan on seeing each child daily 3-4x’s a week for 30-60 mins.  Times will be adjusted as need be.