Spelling Words


Week of Sept. 2 (short vowels and blends):

shop, trip, grab, drop, flag, jump, stand, chest, crisp, stem

Week of Sept.9 (open and closed syllables):

pilot, frozen, silent, shady, human, present,second, minute,wagon, planet

Week of Sept.16 (long a: ai,ay):

railway, painting, remain, Sunday, mainland, subway,today,painful, payment, crayon

Week of Sept.23 (long o: ow, oa):

protect, moment, pillow, meadow, clothing, coaching, soapy, program, proclaim, backbone

Week of Oct. 1: No spelling words

Week of Oct. 7: No spelling words

Week of Oct. 14: (long u: u_e, ue, ew):

use, cube, cute, huge, few, menu, music, fuel, rescue, January

Week of Oct. 21: No spelling words

Week of Nov. 12: (ere,ear,eer)

here, hear, near, steer, year, cheer, clear, deer, ears, fear

Week of Dec.2: (air, are, ear):

bear, care, chair, hair, pear, share, square, stairs, wear, where

Week of Dec.9: )CV-e and -le):

apple, little, purple, table, hope, shape, useful, inside, mistake, baseball