Learning with Technology

Students will learn primarily through experimentation and guided inquiry-based activities. They will collaborate with others to develop social skills, share ideas, and come to conclusions based on their learning experiences. Technology will be used on a regular basis to help assist in learning and give students access to a variety of learning experiences.

I believe that using technology in the classroom is an important part of preparing students to live and work in a technology-centered world. They will develop necessary skills and gain experiences that cannot be taught through traditional teaching methods. 

Technology Vison


In my classroom, I would like to have a classroom cart of tablets and several desktop computers for students to use. The tablets would allow students to work together in small groups around the classroom, complete digital labs, create videos, and read e-books. Desktops could be used for students who prefer to work with a keyboard and mouse. These desktops would be along one wall of the classroom, and the tablets would be stored on a charging cart.


Non-Instructional Software


     This website is a place for teachers (or anyone) to organize online resources. The site has a place for "tags" and descriptions of each link. There is also a feature where an outline can be easily created. I plan to use Diigo in my future classroom to organize ideas, links, and articles in one place. I can access it on any computer, and the account was free to create. I think Diigo will be one of my favorite classroom organizational tools because of its simplicity and capacity to organize a variety of subjects.


     Blendspace is a website where teachers can gather all digital resources for a lesson in one online file. Lessons can also be shared through the site. The account was free to create and can be accessed from anywhere. I plan to use this website to organize my lessons digitally.


Instructional Software

Jeopardy Labs 

     This website allows teachers to create Jeopardy games quickly and easily. It is free and there is a built-in score keeping system. This is a tool that I would use to create review games for students to use during instructional time. The site is simple to navigate and free of advertisement.


     Kahoot is a tool that allows teachers to create online games for classroom use. Similar to the concept of using clickers with an interactive white board, Kahoot allows students to answer questions anonymously in class by logging into the site with a "game pin" given by the teacher. This is a tool I would use for informal assesment during intruction. Students seem to enjoy playing the game and competing for a spot on the leaderboard.


     This website is a tool that allows people to create concept or "mind" maps digitally. The free account allows you to create and save three mind maps at a time. This tool would be something I would use during whole-group instruction to help the class organize and visualize information. The site is easy to use and high quality.


     This tool is something that I could use to create digital storybooks for instruction and that students could use during instruction to create their own story. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use. It can be used with practically any grade level or subject.


     Piktochart is an online tool where teachers can create inforgraphics and digital presentations to aid them during instruction. This site is simple to use and provides an interesting visual aid. I would use this software most when presenting new material to students and


Digital Resources

Prodigy Math Game

     This is an online game where students solve math problems to develop new skills and interact with other classmates. This software would be useful for students to practice specific math skills they have covered in class because the teacher can individiualize the problems to be completed by each student. Students develop an understanding of new math concepts by inquiry and experimentation within the game.


     Quizlet is a website where students can review vocabulary or concepts by playing games like tic-tac-toe or matching. The site is free to use and easy to navigate. This digital resource is great for helping students study and review what we have learned in class.


     This is a safe search engine powered by Google. Students can safely conduct research on topics that were talked about in class. This digital resource is good for helping younger students learn how to find out more about a certain topic.


     This website has five fun and interactive simulation games where students can further develop their knowledge of United States history by playing as a character from a specific time period. This digital resource is helpful for creating student interest in U.S. history. I will likely ask students to play this game as an enrichment activity after we have dicussed certain history topics in class.


     This website contains links to safe online resources for kids to conduct research. It is organized by topic and has pictures so that it is easily navigated. I would use this website as a research database for students to continue learning about topics we have covered in class.