Academics- Reading



In our first grade class, we approach Reading in four different ways to meet students' needs.  My number one goal in first grade is that your child leaves my class as a READER!



We spend 30 minutes each day on Phonics.  CPS uses the Saxon Phonics and Spelling Program.  Students have daily homework (Mon-Thurs) from this Phonics program.  In Phonics, we focus on letter sounds and blends to help us decode words.  Students' weekly spelling words also come from this program.


Reading Series:

We use the Harcourt Reading series Trophies.  We read one story per week from our basal textbooks.  Hopefully, most students will find these stories simple and easy to read.  Students should read the story of the week each Tuesday night with someone at home- please initial and date the slip of paper in the front of your child's textbook and return it on Wednesday.  


In the reading series, we focus on increasing our reading fluency and comprehension.  Students' weekly vocabulary words come from this series.  Students take a vocabulary test each Friday to determine if they can read the vocabulary words as well as use them in a sentence.  Also, students will take a test each Friday that tests their comprehension of the weekly story.


Guided Reading & Literacy Centers:

Students work in Literacy Centers for 30 minutes per day.  These centers are planned in coordination with our reading story of the week as well as skills on which we're working during the week.  Students rotate between centers on a daily basis.  Some common centers include rhyming words, writing sentences, learning our words of the week, and descriptive writing/drawing.


While students are working in centers, one group per day will read with me in their guided reading group.  Guided reading groups are leveled based on students' performance on the On The Mark assessment.  So, the guided reading stories should be more challenging for your student.  In Guided reading, we work on fluency, comprehension, and decoding words.


Writer's Workshop:

In Writer's Workshop, students learn to love writing!  The writing stories are self-directed and independent.  Students work at their own pace to develop stories they enjoy.  All work is independent, but students do conference with me as they work so I can guide them and keep an eye on their progress.  To learn more, please check out our Writer's Workshop page.