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Yahooligans Web Guide for Kids (Search, News, Games)

Google helpful search engine while browsing the net. 

Time For Kids resources that engage students in the classroom and keep them motivated at home. 


Maggie's Earth Adventure's sponsored by scholastic, practice while you play, science information every student should know.  The site has links for teachers and parents.

Edheads is a non-profit website that provides free high quality educational activities at no cost to teachers and students.

FunBrain is an online educational site for kids of all ages to explore all subjects

Funology is the art of having fun, this site gives teachers, students, and parents creative ideas about science. Investigate the laboratory, see what you can make in the kitchen, with adult supervision and much more... 

Gamequarium online learning games. 

Science Vocabulary Hangman allows teachers and students the ability to create their own game based on grade- level and skill, this encourages students to think about what they have learned in the classroom an in nature. 

The Space Place it's all about space around here, see how the people at NASA demonstrate and explain their scientific concepts related to astronomy in a fun hands-on manner.



On-Line TCAP Practice Go to 3rd Grade click on the subject you like.  Let's Bust that Test!

Study Island Provides on-line practice for TCAP test.