Digital Media Projects

        I have created two digital media projects, and they are both accessable through the links below. The first project below is my digital story telling presentation. You can either use this specific presentation or simply use it as a guide or an example. The idea behind digital story telling is to encorporate illustrations and visuals into your classroom. Digital story telling can be a fun way to teach a lesson or review a concept with your students. For this project, I focused on a 6th grade math class lesson about using percentages. The TEKS state that the students should generate equivalent forms of fractions, decimals, and percents using real-world problems. Also, the technology used for both of these projects was mainly power point. The seond link below accesses my digital photostory project about my unit lesson plan. This project goes through a basic explanation, the unit questions, the TEKS standards, and a useful website resource for the unit.

Use the link above to view and use my digital story telling presentation. Be sure to click the "PRESENT" button in the top right hand corner to use this as a powerpoint presentaiton with animations.

Use the link above to access my digital photostory about my unit lesson plan. 




(note: if you are having any issues clicking on the links, go ahead and simply copy and then paste them into your search bar)