This semester I had the opportunity to take an educaiton course about using technology in the classroon. One bit of new information that I learned revolved around the quantity of technology resources. I did not realize how many different resources there are for teachers to use within there classroom. If you refer to my webliography tab you can see only a few of the countless resources for teachers. This course has shown me how to use these websites to pull activities, videos, and even assessment ideas to use in my future classrooms. Also, in the second week of this course we focused on using technology to differentiate. I know that learning about differentiation will definitely help me as I enter into my student teaching course in the future. I would like to continue learning about the topic of copyright and fair use for education. I know that this will be a topic in the future that I will need to use and have a better understanding of for my classroom. 

        When we were learning about using technology this semester, I was surprised when I recalled how little was used during my K-12 schooling. Majority of my classes, especially in the older grade levels, used a standard style of teaching which involved lectures, basic powerpoints, white boards, and note taking. Sure, technology was used sparatically throughout the years, but it was not used as a daily or weekly tool. Honestly, there is not much that I would change about this course. In fact, I really enjoyed how this course built upon itself in a way. This finally project is an accumulation of bits and pieces we have been working on throughout the semester. I enjoyed this online course and the way it was organized. The only downfall to it not being a face-to-face environment is the fact that we were not able to see these tools used in a physical learning environment. It would have been neat to see some of these tools used in an actual classroom. I would describe my current attitude towards technology as one that is less intimidated and more inspired. I won't lie, at the beginning of the course I was doubting my abilities to use many technological tools. While there is still plenty learning to do, I am feeling far mor confident in my abilities to use technology in the classroom.