This website contains several greate tools for a mathematics teacher looking for different activity options. There are fun videos, worksheets, and practice papers. This website has options for multiple subjects as well as different levels of mathematics. 


Illustrative Mathematics 

Use this website as a resource to switch up the teaching style within the classroom. As an alternative to wite board lecturing, use this websites illustrative tools. This website markets itself as "a world where learnings know, use, and enjoy mathematics". Teachers can simply choose the grade level and content, and immediately multiple different illustrations, practice problems, and videos are viewed. 


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an extremely useful tool for students and teachers at any mathematics level. This is a free math website that allows students to get in extra practice in their mathematics. The students simply type in a subject and get immediate access to extra help. Khan Academy offers numerous video examples with step by step instructsion as well as practice problems where the studnets can chekc their understanding. This could be a useful place for teachers to give possible extra creid opportunities. 


Get The Math

This website is basically a free game and challanges website that deals with algebra in real world scenarios. The students get to test adn use their algebra skills in games like "Math in Fashion". This would be a perfect place for students to practice understanding how math can be applied in their own lives.


Teacher Vision

This is a very useful website for math teachers looking for inspiration when it comes to lesson plans surrounding specific concepts. Teachers can browse by category or by grade level. There are countless lesson plan ideas or different activities and worksheets that othe teachers have used or shared.