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In addition to flood damage documents, there are other items that can be freeze dried. Checking references before handing your important flood damage documents LED Slim Flood Light over to a company is important as well. Most documents are put into a vacuum dryer and because of this it is noninvasive and does not produce damage chemically. Wooden artifacts can also be freeze dried although this process takes much longer. The additional weight is from the water and each time the water evaporates, the artifact gets lighter. Most companies that advertise document freeze drying specialize in that. Harvard is not the only college that uses American Freeze Drying for its document freeze drying needs. I found one that says they have restored documents stored at Harvard. When it is not losing weight anymore, it is dry. The sooner the better, as immediate attention helps prevent pages sticking together. If your flood damage documents are important to you, and they obviously are or you would not be looking into having them freeze dried, you want a company that is reputable and has a long list of satisfied clientele. The flood damage company that works for Harvard also has a list of references available. The flood damage artifact is weighed and then freeze dried. Books, even with leather binding, pictures, documents, wills, and all sorts of keepsake items can be restored and rescued through flood damage document freeze drying. Most companies are available twenty four hours a day by phone. Whether the artifact is a document or a wooden toy or a book that you want to keep in your collection, freeze drying is extremely beneficial in flood damage restoration.

This is important in the event of a flood damage emergency. However, flood damage books can be freeze dried too. The quicker the books are brought in after being wet, the easier and better the restoration is. You just have to find a flood damage company that you are comfortable with to begin the restoration process. .If you have ever faced flood damage and lost valuable papers, documents, books and photographs due to flood damage, you will know that document freeze drying is a great way to save and restore those wet papers from flood damage. If a company boasts of restoration for company A and School B, but you cannot verify it, the reference is worthless. If your family Bible has been damaged through flood damage or fire, take it in to have it dried. Document freeze drying is a method of freezing, then dehydrating documents to retain as much form and information as possible. There are numerous colleges and business listed on the reference page with contact phone numbers listed as well. I was a little hesitant and leery about that claim but was able to speak with the librarian at Harvard who verified the company had indeed done restoration work for them and they would continue to use this company's service. Finally, know that the process used in flood damage document freeze drying can save a great many things. Look for a company that is reputable. The process continues until the flood damage artifact no longer loses weight.