Lee Green Club

The Green Club here at Lee Elementary is busy at work, we are an after school group that meets to help educate students in grades 2nd through 4th about environmental steward and why it is important.  Our other purpose is to maintain Green School status with Macomb County Green Schools program.  Our group consists of 35 members, who all work hard.


Be sure to read below what a couple of members think about green club.



  • Received 40 plastic recycling containers from Waste Management to be placed in all classrooms and by all copy machines
  • Installed papercut program on all copiers to save on paper consumed by the school
  • Created a bulletin board to raise awareness of environmental issues facing our state
  • Wrote our Senators and State Respresentatives about saving our Great Lakes
  • Arranged for a speaker to come in to speak to the school about Recycling (February 28,2018)
  • Green School Status obtained March 2018
  • Adopted an endangered animal at the Detroit Zoo
  • Had T-shirts made to advertise our club and create awareness
  • Recycle paper, tin, ink cartridges.
  • Receiving a paper retriever for the community to recycle paper and funds raised would be used by the Green Club for our future needs and plans.
  • Toured the Pine Tree Acres landfill located in Lenox Township
  • Conducted a Waste Free Lunch Day February 2018

Future Plans:

  • Plant a Native Michigan Plant Garden in the courtyard
  • Put up bat houses in the habitat area behind the school
  • Create a composting area for waste from kitchen here at the school
  • Create a waste free lunch program
  • Recycle plastic
  • Bring in a speaker about water pollution and items facing our Great Lakes
  • Become active in our community by bringing awareness to environmental issues facing our community & state




Why Green Club is Important

By Evie Barrand


I think Green Club is important because it helps us remember to throw away our trash.  To be green is good, especially since it helps with global warming.  Having a green thumb is always good plus, it helps to produce oxygen which is what we need to survive.  Being in green club means that you care about the environment and where you live.  In Green Club you can help your community to get rid of air pollution.  That's why I think Green Club is important.



Green club is important because....

By Ava Rewalt

Green Club is important because it reminds the school and the community of the ways to be green.  Being green is not just for fun it can help people stay alive, and it is important for the Earth.  Green Club also finds the problems with the community and we work together to find solutions to try to increase the eco foot print.  The green club has been working hard to increase the community's eco foot print.  If the Richmond Will L Lee Elementary green club was not working to increase the schools and the communities eco foot print...one we would not be a Macomb County green school, and we would not have paper recycling bins, and we would not have a bulletin board, the website and third there would not be a cap fundraiser to get a bench.  If you are in Will L Lee make sure to check out the bulletin board by the preschool hallway.  And check out the website.  Make sure to brign in your bottle caps to help the grren club out.  And that's why green club is important.