Student Articles

Our Trip to Green Tree Acres

By: Claire Millbrand

Our trip to the landfill was very entertaining and educational.  We learned that they use many materials to build a bowl to hold the garbage.  I would gladly go again just to see the progress that has improved since we have gone the first time.  They told us all about how much garbage they get everyday, how they dump every day, and the pounds that they can take on one pile.  I think that is a basic education that every child needs to elarn if they would like to work at a landfill.  We the Green Club would like to tell you more about the landfill and which one it is.  When they build a new bowl they have trucks come in and dump their garbage in the bowl.  When a bowl gets too full they build a new bowl so they don't over flow the other bowl.





What We Can't Recycle 

By Ava Rewalt

Since Christmas is coming up, here's a quick reminder, don't recycle wrapping paper.  If you get pizza or fast food that comes in a fast food box, do not recycle them especially if they are greasy.  If you are old enough and you  have a credit card when it expires, don't recycle them.  Have your plastic hangers ever broke? Please do not recycle them.  Here is a list of some other things that cannot be recycled: mirrors, mustard colored envelopes, shower curtains and liners, plastic lids, wipes and sponges, mobile phones and broken glass.  That's what I know about what not to recycle.  Make sure to help the green Club out and spread the word.