A Separate Peace



Chapters 6-7

1. "If you broke the rules, then they broke you." What did Gene mean?

2. Identify Cliff Quackenbush.

3. How did Gene lose his job of Assistant Crew Manager?

4. From whom was Gene's long-distance call?

5. Why did Gene feel a sense of freedom when Phineas said, "Listen, pal, if I can't play sports, you're going to play them for me"?

6. What idea does Brinker Hadley introduce?

7. Why did Gene leave the Butt Room without smoking a cigarette?

8. What "good deed" did the boys do?

9. What does Gene say about Brinker as he tries to spare Leper's feelings when the gang meets

him after the railroad work is done?

10. Who decided to enlist?

11. Why did Gene not enlist?

Chapters 8-9

1. Of what did Finny try to convince Gene about the war?

2. For what event did Finny want to train Gene? What was wrong with that plan?

3. Why did Phineas decide that Mr. Ludsbury didn't know the war was just propaganda from fat

old men?

4. Who was the first of Gene's gang to actually enlist?

5. What effect did Leper's enlistment have on the boys at Devon?

6. What winter event did Phineas invent?

7. From whom was Gene's telegram, and what was the message?

Chapters 10-11

1. What happened to Leper?

2. How did Gene react to Leper's description of what happened to him?

3. Why did Gene want to see only Phineas?

4. Brinker said, "What's the matter with our class anyway? It isn't even June yet and we've

already got two men sidelined for the Duration." Who was he talking about? For the duration

of what?

5. How did Leper's illness affect Phineas?

6. Contrast Brinker's view of Finny's disability with Gene's view.

7. Where did Brinker take Gene and Finny? Why?

8. Why did Finny rush out of the room?

9. What happened to Finny after he ran out of the room?

Chapters 12-13

1. Why didn't Gene do anything to help with Phineas after his second accident?

2. Why did Gene sneak into the infirmary?

3. Gene told Phineas, "you wouldn't be any good in the war, even if nothing had happened to

your leg." What did he mean?

4. What finally happened to Phineas?

5. What was ironic about Gene's part in the war.