Just Take 20


What is Just Take 20?The Florida Department of Education created the Just Take 20 campaign to provide K-12 Florida families with practical, easy-to-implement reading activities that establish literacy as a lifelong value. Just Take 20 encourages families to seize everyday teachable moments by using 20 minutes a day to integrate reading into their busy lives. Families are invited to create their own custom literacy plans and have fun while learning!
Just Take 20 events will be held across the state, including family workshops, community events, and professional development opportunities to support literacy education among educators and the families they support.
Studies Show the Benefits of Reading Every Day.Why do reading experts recommend students read 20 minutes outside of school hours every day?

  • Every-day reading increases fluency and confidence.
  • Increased time spent reading increases vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Reading outside the classroom helps students experience the world around them and understand how literacy leads to college, career, and beyond.
  • Reading every day helps students form a positive habit, increasing the likelihood they will establish the value of lifelong literacy.