Of Mice and Men


Of Mice and Men Study Guide:
Review the following vocabulary words: monotonous, derogatory, aloof, mused, and reverently.
Know the meaning of the following literary terms: irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, allusion, simile, metaphor, antagonist, protagonist
Think about the following themes found in the novel and how they are developed:
* The importance of friendship
* The disposableness of the disempowered or weak
* The world as a cruel and lonely place
* The pursuit of the American Dream
Review your notes on the poem "To a Mouse" and think about how it relates to the novel.  Why do you think Steinbeck chose to make an allusion to the poem by using a line from the poem as his novel's title?

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Vocabulary for Chapters 1 and 2 Quiz

Chapter 1:

1. Bindle

2. Lumbered

3. Yammered

4. Juncture

5. Imperiously

6. Morosely

Chapter 2:

7. Barley

8. Skeptically

9. Apprehensive

10. Swamper

11. Contorted 

12. Deorgatory

Please view the documentary, The Great Depression: Boom and Bust in America through Discovery Education on your student portal.  Make sure to take notes as you read.  

Make sure to include notes on the following:

- Characteristics of the Roaring Twenties

-The event and day that marked the start of the Great Depression

-The consequences of the stock market crash

- The effects of deflation

-Rates of poverty and homelessnes during this period

- The natural disaster that affected the Great Plains

- Legislation passed as a result of The Depression and who crafted it.

- Effects of WWII on the economy

Glossary of Terms:



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