Supply List

Required Materials for Language Arts

Upper Academy 2019-2020


* 300 sheets of wide-ruled paper (estimation)

* 1 half inch three ring binder for Language Arts (larger if sharing with other subjects)

* 1 Composition Book or Spiral Notebook for a Reading Journal (labeled with name)

* 1 folder with pockets for a Writing Portfolio (labeled with name)

* Independent silent reading novel – may be a library book

* 1 pack of #2 pencils

* 1 pack of blue or black pens

* 1 box of crayons or colored pencils

* 1 zippered supply pouch

* 1 pencil sharpener with a cover

* 3 red pens

* 4 highlighters of assorted colors

* 1 small glue stick

* 1 pair of blunt tip scissors

* 1 ruler (may be left at home)

* 1 Flash drive (this may be used for multiple subjects)

* 1 pair of headphones or ear buds for classroom use (an inexpensive set)

Please label all supplies and replenish them as needed.


Supply Wish List for Classroom


1 box of tissues

1 container of antibacterial wipes or baby wipes

1 bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer

Dry Erase Markers

Photocopy Paper (white or colored)