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The Giver Test-Record your answers on a separate sheet of paper.

Giver Test



Answer questions for chapters 6-7 and 8-10. 

To access the questions, click on this link: The Giver Questions



Chapter Questions:
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Practice Test for The Giver

Travel Brochure-Persuasive Writing Task for Periods 1 and 4


Period 3

Author’s Message:
For this option please answer all facets of the following questions.
What message did you get from the book?
 For whom was the novel written?
 What point was the author making about utopian/dystopian societies?
 Do you think the author was successful in getting this message across? Why?
 What were the positive and negative points about this novel?
 Was this novel a realistic picture of a utopian/dystopian society?
 Would this society be a utopia or a dystopia to you?
 Reflect on and share your reaction to the novel as a whole.
 How does Jonas’ society compare to our society today?
 Could you ever see our society moving in the direction of Jonas’? Explain in what ways it could or already has.

Period 6
Character analysis: Choose one important character in the novel and write a character analysis for him or her. Include the following items in your analysis:
 Appearance
 Actions
 Ideas(what the character thinks)
 Manner(how the character acts)
 Reactions of others to the character

Feelings of the character throughout the novel Answer each of the following questions:
 Do the character’s feelings/ideals change? How so?
 Why is he or she important to the novel?
 Would you like this character if they were a real person? Explain.
 Would you want to be this character? Explain.
 How well does/would your character fit into a utopian society, a dystopian society, and our society?