The Phantom Tollbooth

Technology Center for Sixth Grade Period 6
You will need to complete the Figurative Language Chart while you read The Phantom Tollbooth.

View the PowerPoint presentation: Welcome to the Doldrums. The PowerPoint presentation explains how sailors do not like to sail into the doldrums because there is not enough wind. The information for the presentation was gathered from various websites. If you still do not understand the phrase, you may search for more information about the doldrums on the Internet using Factmonster,, and Words@Random. Both the literal and figurative meanings of "in the doldrums" are already included on the figurative language chart as an example for you. Use this example as a guide for your own additions to the chart.


Figurative language is a tool than an author uses to help readers visualize what is happening in the story. Different types of figurative language can be found in the novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. You can use this resource page while completing the figurative language chart.
Figurative Language Resource Page

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