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6th grade explanatory/informative essay

6th Grade Argumentative Prompt

7th Grade Explanatory/Informative Prompt

7th Grade Argumentative Prompt

8th Grade Argumentative Prompt

8th Grade Informative Explanatory Essay Prompt


Essay Planning:

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Please review the Step by Step Essay Writing Guide before, during and after writing your essay.


Columbus Day Sample Argumentative Essay:

Generic Outline of a Five Paragraph Essay

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening Sentence: Gives a general statement on the topic
    2. Background Information: 3-4 sentences that tell your reader what he/she should know about the topic.
    3. Transitional Sentence: 1 sentence that takes the reader to the point you are making about your topic.
    4. Thesis Statement: 1 sentence that states what your paper is about. What are you proving or arguing for or against? What point are you trying to make?
  2. Body Paragraphs
    1. Topic Sentence(s): 1-2 sentences that tell what your paragraph is about- the topic of each paragraph should support your thesis or explain why your thesis is true.
    2. Supporting Details: 5-6 Sentences that give examples of research to support your point.
  3. Conclusion
    1. Summary of the Main Points: Along with a couple of sentences at the beginning and end of the paragraph to wrap things up, you should have 1-2 sentences of summary for each body paragraph.


  1. Did you indent each paragraph?
  2. Do all of your sentences begin with capital letters?
  3. Do all of your sentences have appropriate punctuation?
  4. Have you capitalized every proper noun?
  5. Have you capitalized the word “I”?
  6. Have you checked to make sure that you have not capitalized any words unnecessarily? Have you spelled out all words? (because, you, etc.)
  7. Can you find the thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph? (Circle It)
  8. Do all of your body paragraphs have topic sentences? (underline them)
  9. Do all of your body paragraphs support your thesis? Is anything off topic?
  10. Does your conclusion summarize the main points of your essay? Have you made sure not to introduce any new information in the conclusion?

Essay Outline

How to Write a Conclusion: