Writing and Grammar Practice

Rewrite the following sentences by changing the syntax. Please copy the original sentence and then write your revised sentence. Here’s an example:

Original Sentence: There was a rainbow in the sky after the rain stopped.
New Sentence: After the rain stopped, there was a rainbow in the sky.

1. The frisky puppy, covered in mud from yard, was trembling and yelping with delight.
2. He walked away after checking the crime scene after he checked it one more time and found that the suspect had been telling the truth.
3. The ponies came bolting out of their stalls, , neighing and pawing,
4. A noise erupted from the forest and it was a screech of hungry ravens in decaying trees. (try removing part of the sentence)

Add details to this sentence, elaborating upon it:

5. She knew the students would soon be entering their new classrooms.
6. The students sat quietly.
7. He stood, frozen on the spot.
8. The birds screeched.

Correct the following sentence fragments:

9. Because I was tired.
10. If you can’t agree with your sister about the gift.
11. Sneaking around like that not making a good impression.
12. Which was quite a challenge I can tell you.

Correct the following run-on sentences, adding a semi-colon, conjunction or creating two sentences:

13. I cannot remain silent any longer, this is just wrong!
14. The girl ran home, told her mother what happened, she was so excited.
15. The beach was warm, the views were stunning, we relished the peace and tranquility.