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The most basic maintenance of embroidery machine maintenance

For maintenance personnel, the most basic thing about a computer is maintenance. Dust removal and refueling are the most basic and most important. Special attention needs to be paid to the heat dissipation of X and Y drive boxes, especially in summer. For embroidery machines, tie the two sides of the cable on the back of the drive box together, leave enough ventilation space, and the cooling fan is broken, and it needs to be replaced immediately. . The shuttle bed must be regularly sprayed with white or rust-proof oil. Due to lack of oil in the shuttle bed, the machine may be large on half of the shuttle bed. The high speed embroidery machine  main location for refueling is the needle bar case, which drives the bottom shaft and the flying saucer assembly. You can add heavy oil in these places.

The needle bar case requires less oil, and the holes under the presser foot and the needle bar accelerate wear. In severe cases, the holes in the bottom of the head can wear out. The drive bottom shaft requires less oil and wears off the steel sleeve and the center bottom shaft of the drive rubber. If worn, the adhesive will shake and the needle bar will move, increasing the possibility of cutting. In more severe cases, the drive block and lower shaft can become blocked and the machine cannot move. I tried it once and checked for a long time. Secondly, there are connecting rods of different sizes with fuel between the arms. These non-lubricants only accelerate wear and cause loosening. The rest are UFO components. There is a lubrication hole on the top. Needle bearings can loosen and wear the needle without refueling.

It is recommended to add thermal bearing grease during overhaul at this location. Will not burn out. Shuttle beds are usually adjusted and polished. X and Y limit switches have not been determined. Otherwise, if the small bearing hits the frame, it will break. This  Coiling Taping Embroidery Machineis basic mechanical maintenance. You need to pay attention to the circuit. Fans in the drive cage are dusty.

Use a blower to clean the inside regularly and pay attention to drying. Otherwise, fine copper sheets and through holes on the circuit board will corrode and crack. It's hard to confirm. I've tried it and I've checked it for a long time. Finally, there is no communication through the hole. Do not adjust the thermal relay of the motor at will. Someone may burn the motor coil to estimate this fault or malfunction.

Under normal circumstances, the motor coils are protected from burning out. Floppy drives need to be dust-proof. Do not remove the disc while the indicator is on. If you are using a tape recorder, you need to be careful when connecting and disconnecting data cables during shutdown. Otherwise, you are likely to burn the recorder.