Ms. Elliott's Read 180   


                                                                                     Southeast Middle School

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READ 180 is a research-based program with proven results in raising student reading achievement. READ 180

uses cutting-edge technology to deliver individualized reading instruction, provide valuable skills practice, and

motivate students to become confident readers.

In our READ 180 class, your child and I will work together to:

• Build essential literacy skills for college and career readiness.

• Bring his or her reading proficiency up to grade level.

• Develop multi-paragraph writing skills.

• Apply reading and writing strategies to other subjects such as social studies, science, and math.


During the school year, we are working on improving oral reading fluency.

Here are three activities you can use to support these efforts at home.

1. Read Aloud Have your child read part of a book or an article to you,

relatives, or family friends. The extra practice will build confidence and

help improve fluency.

2. Take Turns Read aloud one paragraph, page, or short chapter of a book.

Then have your child read the next paragraph, page, or chapter. Continue

this activity every day or week.

3. Echo Read Read aloud a paragraph, page, or chapter of a book. Then

have your child read the same section back to you. Feel free to make

encouraging comments.

Remember, even as your child gets older, reading together remains an

important way to spend time together and to practice reading skills.


How your child that he or she can attain reading success:

The Daily Read: Make reading a daily activity by reading to, or with, your child for 20 minutes every day.

Fast and Fun Reads: Use magazines, newspapers, comic books, recipes, TV schedules, travel guides, and road signs as

reading opportunities, wherever you are and whatever you and your child are doing.

The Movie or the Book: Rent videos or DVDs on a topic that your child is interested in. Find books on a similar topic.

Read and Ride: Listen to books on tape or CD while traveling by car. Or bring a personal player with earphones for your child

to listen to books while on a train or plane.

Read and Chat: Talk about what your child is reading. Ask questions about the characters or what happens in the story.