Leslie Elizabeth Marquez

3405 E. Yandell

El Paso, TX 79903

Phone:(915) 892-7837




To obtain a teaching position in an Elementary school.


  • I obtained my High school Diploma from Thomas Jefferson High school    in   August 2006 - May of 2009.
  • I am currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree with 73 credit hours  completed.

Work Experience-

  • July 2008- Current Date

Office Assistant

Dr. George Biro, M.D

           Job description:

           I file the patient’s charts, put away the lab, label and store medications, handle

           the reception area as well as communicate with patients.

Volunteer work-

  • 20 hours of volunteer teaching and observation at Newman Elementary school.
  •  Permanent Holy Communion Teacher at San Francisco Javier Church for kids (9 years and above.) 33 hours
  • 12 hours of volunteer work for Father Yermo Elementary.


  • Leira Marquez, 1st grade Teacher, Newman Elementary, (915)667-4255
  • Silvia Sylva, 1st grade Teacher, Newman Elementary, (915)497-6384
  • Amelia Chavez, State Auditor, (915)594-8314