Mrs. McBath's Fourth Grade Class

Week of 1/25 - 1/29

Hello! The third grading period is in full swing. Florida History has started and all of my students are enjoying it. Our studies on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have been going well too. Another movie (child-friendly) was shown last week in correlation with him (courtesy of Amy Bleich). As February is fastly approaching, we are gearing up for our Black History studies as well as our Presidential celebration. Several activities are planned. This week, fourth graders will be writing a letter to President Barack Obama. Students will be expressing their opinions on current issues as well as ideas on what the president should set as goals for his term in office. After editing the students' work, the letters will be sent off to The White House along with pictures. This will count as a Language quiz grade. Each student will receive a copy of their letter to keep. It will take a couple of months or so to hear back from the White House and our president. I will send home the contents of that return package as soon as I receive them. In addition, next month, my class will be researching U.S. presidents. They are so excited. Everyone rallied around Garrison James who had been asking for months if the class could do a project pertaining to this. I was awe struck to see how keen students were about their presidential choices for their project. Based on their enthusiasm, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity for them to debate on why their chosen president is the best of all times. I can not wait to see how this all turns out. Fun, fun, fun!

It is time to replenish school supplies. Please check with your child to see what he/she is in need of (notebook paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, etc...). Some class supplies are needed also: germ-x, kleenex, bandaids, etc... Folders can now be cleaned out. My suggestion, though, is not to throw away papers in Math, Language, History, and Science as they may be needed for a review later on. An adjustment was made to the Science/Health curriculum. Science will continue throughout this grading period with Health picking up at the beginning of the fourth grading period. Spelling and vocab. words with definitions are now being posted on Please check out the projects displayed on the walls outside of our classroom (George Washington Carver Reports, "I Have a Dream" speeches, and "Sandwich Books.")



Have a nice week!

       Christian Love and Blessings,

                Mrs. McBath Smile