Community Resource: Rainforests

Following is a list of 25 rainforest items you can check out at your local library:


  • Rainforest Romp by Tony Mitton
  • The Great Snake: Stories From The Amazon by Sean Taylor
  • Rain forest Animals! by Carolyn Franklin
  • The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell 
  • Looking For Jaguar: And Other Rain Forest Poems by Susan Katzcourtesy of the Seattle Times
  • Garden of the Spirit Bear: Life in the Great Northern Rainforest by Dorthy Hinshaw Patent 
  • Crafts for Kids Who are Wild About Rainforests by Kathy Ross
  • The Tropical Rainforest by Gerard Cheshire
  • The Magic School Bus in the Rainforest edited by Joanna Cole
  • Journey into the Rainforest by Tim Knight 
  • Journey Through the Northern Rainforest by Karen Pandell 
  • Deep in a Rainforest by Gwen Pascoe 
  • Rainforest Birds by Bobbie Kalman 
  • The Rainforest Counts! By Lisa McCourt 
  • Rainforest by Penny Clarke and Carolyn Scrace 
  • Exploring the Rainforest: Science Activities for Kids by Anthony D. Fredericks
  • Rainforest Animals illustrated by Paul Hess 
  • Rainforest Animals by Michael Chinery
  •  The Monkey With A Bright Blue Bottom by Steve Smallman
  • An Anaconda Ate My Homework by Alice Schertle
  • Jungle by Theresa Greenaway
  • Recycle this Book: 100 top children’s book authors tell you how to go green edited by Dan Gutman 


  • Let's Explore - The Rainforest
  • Amazing Rainforest Animals
  • Fern Gully: the last rainforest

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