Data Gathering Unit: How much litter is there?

Sheep and graph - taken from

In conjunction with our service learning project, the Second Grade All-stars will be learning how to collect data, turn it into bar graphs, and interpret these graphs. We will use this data gathering unit to collect the information that we will use to teach other classes about litter.

As we go through this unit, your child will be asked to make daily observations about what types of litter they see and I am hoping that students will begin to hone their “litter-radar.” Making observations and gathering data is a large part of science and making well developed arguments. The argument that students will be making is that too much litter is being dropped on the playground with the hopes of teaching their peers to be more conscientious of the earth. 

I have added information on how the Olympic Sculpture Park can work as a great reinforcement tool for data gathering and graphing. I have also created a list of online  activities that can help you and your child become more knowledgeable about both litter and gathering data.

I think this will be a really exciting opportunity for our class to become active in their community while applying science and math skills.

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