Data Gathering Community Resource: Olympic Sculpture Park

A great family activity that can also be a learning experience for your child:  

Olympic Sculpture Park
2901 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

The Olympic Sculpture Park is a free museum experience and one that is especially nice in the spring and summer. You and your child could plan a picnic to the park to see the view of the Olympic Mountains, the Puget Sound, and of course, the sculptures. While at the park, encourage your child to take some data notes on something they expect to see lots of. Just a few ideas incluFrom - olymic sculpture parkde looking for different types of angles/shapes, looking for litter, types of animals – the list of possible topics can go on and on. 

After you have finished your outing, speak with your child about what they saw and enjoyed while at the park. I have attached a data collection sheet and graph they can use to record their information on.  

I hope your family gets an opportunity to enjoy the park one of these weekend!  

For more information, you can visit the Olympic Sculpture Park website.

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