MORENet Conference Presentation, 2018

Using Apple Apps and Features in the Classroom


I'm very excited to lead a workshop this year at the 2018 MORENet Conference in TanTarA.


My current district became a 1:1 district in November of 2018.  High school students have always been issued MacBook Airs, but now our K-8 students have been issued iPads.  I have always tried to incorporate technology in my classroom, and now I can incoporate technology daily.


My presentation introduces creative ways to use Apple products in the classroom in order to help students to learn by interacting with technology.  All of the information I am presenting is a vew on how I use Apple products in my classroom in creative and innovative ways.  I encourage any and all feedback on this presentation, including new ways you have effectively used Apple products in the classroom to reach your students!



My MoreNet Presentation (Keynote Version)


My MoreNet Presentation (PDF Version)


Your feedback is welcome!  Please complete this survey at the end of our time together!