10 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs

Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs

Our lungs help us sustain a living by providing oxygen to every cell in our body. If we do not practise methods to protect our lungs from damage, then it can lead to the symptoms of severe ailments like breathlessness and chest congestion. Our lungs are self-cleansing in nature. Despite that, it is advised by health experts to inculcate certain ways in our lifestyle to assist them in performing their function more efficiently.

Natural Ways to Clean Your Lungs

  • 1. Eliminate chemical-based scents from your house - Everyone wants to keep their comfort place to smell amazing and look scintillating. This is why most of us have products that have an artificial scent to them, such as room fresheners and perfumed products. Continued use of such products can lead to irritation in the lungs and other pulmonary issues. Hence in order to prevent harmful toxins from entering your lungs, it is best to get rid of such products.
  • 2. Spending time in nature - Taking out time to go out and inhale fresh air can act as a natural lung detox. Fresh air helps the lungs tissues to expand, which makes the breathing process more efficient. Moreover, it can also uplift your mood instantly and enhance your productivity. In order to avoid pollutants from harming your lungs, you can wear a face-cover or a face mask to safeguard your lungs.
  • 3. Consume herbal tea - Herbal products like green tea is very popular among health-conscious people nowadays. Replacing green tea with other beverages can offer you innumerable health benefits. It is antioxidant in nature and thus helps you protect your lungs tissue. Moreover, it is also anti-inflammatory, so it refrains you from frequent coughing and wheezing.
  • 4. Invest in an air purifier - If you live in a metropolitan city, it is hard to find greenery around to get fresh air. Hence all thanks to technology with an air purifier, you can breathe clean air inside your house or in your workplace. Additionally, an air purifier also helps you to get better sleep at night and reduces respiratory infections. It can help you relieve the symptoms of pulmonary ailments like Asthma and cleanse your lungs.
  • 5. Steam Therapy - Steam therapy is an effective method to detox your lungs naturally. Especially for those with persistent symptoms of respiratory issues, steam therapy can provide immediate relief to your lungs. In this process, water vapours are inhaled to open the airways and get rid of the mucus that causes congestion. Steam therapy adds moisture to your lungs and helps you get rid of toxins from your lungs. For effective steam therapy, you can also add natural herbs like camphor capsules in hot water.
  • 6. Consuming wholesome food - It is said that “you are what you eat”. Nutrition plays an essential role in shaping your mind and body. When it comes to your lungs, you must consume food that strengthens your lungs and helps them in the detoxification process. Here are some food items that you must incorporate into your diet.
  • 7. Make fitness the new normal - Along with a nutritious diet, it is advised that one must find time for working out at least for 30 mins in a day. You can either hit the gym and work out on proper equipment or engage in any sports activity to burn your calories and keep yourself fit. A simple activity such as swimming or a brisk walk can enhance your breathing and help you achieve a more active lifestyle.If you have certain medical conditions and cannot engage in such strenuous physical activity, then you can also go for a walk as per your comfort level.
  • 8. Practise breathing exercises - Those who have recently quit smoking cigarettes or are diagnosed with chronic lung diseases can practise breathing exercises to get rid of breathlessness.
  • 9. Take a hot shower - A hot shower is a great way to get rid of mucus from the body. Taking a hot shower a day will significantly strengthen your lungs. You can add an essential oil such as eucalyptus oil to your bath for more effective lung cleansing. This healthy habit will also help you get relief from sinus problems and coughing.
  • 10. Practise Ayurveda for overall wellness - Ayurveda is an old system that offers a wide range of techniques for a healthier lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, balancing the Vata and Kapha dosha is the key to getting stronger and healthier lungs. Foods such as Tulsi, Laung, Amaltas and Ginger are very effective in cleaning the lungs of those who have recently quit smoking cigarettes.

In conclusion, make these tips and techniques a part of your routine and embrace the path to overall wellness. If you are looking to obtain the benefits of these natural ayurvedic remedies, then you can try Tar Clean Lungs Cleaning syrup. It defends the lungs from damage due to smoking and air pollution toxins. On top of that, it helps revive the dead cells in the lungs and helps you get rid of tiredness. With this ayurvedic supplement, you can get rid of all your respiratory problems and breathe freely. On top of that it also gives relief from chest pain so that you can sleep easily at night without hampering your sleep. This ayurvedic medicine has no added sugar & safe to use for any age group so it is a must have supplement in every household especially in the times of pandemic.

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