Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver Disease

Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver – You would be astounded to know that 2 million of the population die every year due to chronic liver diseases such as Cirrhosis and liver cancer?

Our liver is a vital organ of the body. It performs critical functions in the body, such as secreting bile that breaks down fats so that the body efficiently absorbs them. Moreover, it also helps the body metabolise medicines to be utilised by the body for the desired purpose.

Due to the chase of modern life, we fail to take good care of it. Heavy alcohol intake due to stress, obesity, High blood pressure and high sugar levels are some of the factors which account for poor liver health. There are several medications and treatments to get relief from the symptoms. However, people across the world prefer ayurvedic medicine for liver problems.

As per medical research, Bhumyamalaki is known to improve liver function. Consuming it as a health supplement is known to prevent inflammation and damage to the liver. Besides, it also reduces the symptoms of fatty liver by normalising the liver enzymes in the body. As per Ayurveda, it restores the balance between Kapha and pitta, which can help to get rid of Jaundice. Alternatively, you can consider it as a great ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver disease.

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